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Doers of the Word

James 1:22-25  Doers of the Word  # 93


I like to watch college basketball on TV.  It is exciting and fast paced.  But you know what makes it interesting?  The players on the court.  There are 2 groups at a basketball game.  The players and the spectators.  The doers and the viewers.  While the players are on the court, doing all that they can to win the game the spectators are sitting in the bleachers watching.  Oh, sometimes they may cheer, they may encourage the players but they are not making a material difference in the outcome of the game.  In this chapter the apostle James says,  BE DOERS, NOT JUST HEARER.  Be DOERS NOT JUST VIEWERS.

I.        Doers Make a Difference
a.        James said Do the WORD.   Christianity has become a spectator sport for most.  Most believers are not in the game.  They think that all the need to do is to show up at the church once in a while.  They come to watch the show, maybe to cheer on the players who are actually doing the work.  To be a DOER of the word means that you are not a viewer, you are a participant.  You are on the court taking part in the contest.
b.        Nowhere in the Bible will you find Christianity compared to a opera, or a play, or some other observational activity.  But in numerous places it is compared to a contest.  In  I Cor. 9:26 Paul compares it to a Boxing match I Tim 6:12, He calls it the "Fight of Faith"  I Cor 9:24, Compares it to a sporting contest.  But NOWHERE does the Bible tell us to sit idle and watch others do. 
c.        It is the DOERS who gain the prize.  It is the DOERS who win the contest.  It is those who actually DO the WORD of GOD, who are actually participating in the WORK of GOD who make the difference in the world. 
i.        Christianity was never intended to be a spectator  sport .  We have become a people who come to Church to be entertained, to be served instead of serving others.  We expect to receive without every giving anything of ourselves. 
ii.        WE are not to be PASSIVE… WE ARE TO BE ACTIVE.   It is the DOERS who please GOD, not the passive spectators who won't lift a finger to do his work.  It is the Doers who make the difference

II.        Doers Aren't Deceived
a.        The passive hearers deceive themselves.
i.        Deceived in thinking that they are pleasing God.  Listen to me.  If you come to church and leave your HEART at home, you aren't pleasing GOD.
Mark 7:6 Jesus said  This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.
ii.        Deceived in thinking that HEARING THE WORD OF GOD IS ENOUGH.  It is not enough to sit in a worship service and listen to the preacher talk about the Gospel.  You must take the truth of God's word and use it to examine yourself and let it work a change in your life.  Gods word is like a mirror and we need to realize that it is a reflection of US… not somebody else.

Illus:  Illus of Mountain Man finding a Mirror.  He looks in it and says..  Oh my, a picture of my dear old Pappy.  Hides it and looks at it each day.  One day wife finds it and says…. So that is the ugly hag he has been running around with!!

iii.        Hearing the word of God and thinking it is talking about "THOSE SINNERS"  is deceiving yourself.  It isn't talking about those other sinners It is talking about YOU and ME.
iv.        Doers aren't deceived.  Why?  Because they understand that Gods word is about them and is to be LIVED out, NOT LOOKED AT.  So, instead of sitting in church and thinking "wow preacher, you really told'em today," Take the word of GOD, and DO IT.

III.        Doers are BLESSED in their DEED. Vs 25
How are Doers blessed in their deed?
a.        They are blessed because they KNOW themselves.  They do not lie to themselves and think they are someone they aren't.  This means they can make good decisions based on truth not fantasy. 
i.        When you judge yourself by God's word you will not lie to yourself.  No rationalization, No self deception
b.        They are blessed because they KNOW the LORD
i.        You will grow closer to the Lord by SERVING him, than by studying about him.
1.        You will grow closer to the Lord by spending ONE DAY on mission than by spending year reading devotional books.  It is through SERVICE that you really GROW in the LORD not through being a spectator.
c.        They are blessed because they Serve the L0RD
i.        Through serving God you find real JOY.  It is the JOY of the HS.  Who enables you to serve, and empowers you to serve and then ENRICHES YOU THROUGH SERVING.

d.        They are blessed because THEY ARE LOOKING TO GOD INSTEAD OF MAN. 
i.        Men will always disappoint you.  Men will intentionally or unintentionally break your heart.  But God will never leave you nor forsake you.

a.        BE A DOER OF THE WORD.  HOW?
i.        KNOW THE WORD!
1.        READ IT
iii.        OBEY THE WORD not just with lip service but with REAL SERVICE


Are you making a difference in your world.  Does you life matter?  Does your relationship with the Lord have any effect on those who live with you, work with you, or go to school with you.

You can start making a difference TODAY?

Make today the day you decide to make a difference in your world.

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