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Sermon 170, Disciples Call

# 170      The call of DISCIPLES             Matt 4:18-22

INTRO:   Fact: Jesus came into the world to call men to repentance and faith (vs 17).  To be a follower of Jesus- to be a Christian is the Greatest work, task, blessing in the world.  There is nothing shameful about being a Christian.  It is glorious.  Th be an ambassador for Christ is a privilege.   
    It is interesting how God selects men for his kingdom.   He doesn't go by qualifications, as the world sees them.  He doesn't go by social status.  He extends his call to all and their faith determines the result.  An ambassador for Christ is first a person who trusts God.

  1. What kind of men does Jesus call?
Illus:   When I was a Bus ministry director in Hialeah , each Saturday we could go canvassing the apartments for new riders.  Everybody wanted to go to the nice apartments, nobody wanted to go to the ratty ones.   Everybody wanted to enlist riders by man's criteria, not Gods.

  1. Where did Jesus go to choose his disciples?
1,        Galliee.   This town was known among the Jew as Gallilee of the gentiles, because a lot of non-Jews lived there.  This was not a nice Jewish town.  It was a part of the nation that was considered uncouth by most of the Jewish population.  The people in Galliee were not cultured.  It was a blue collar, industrial town, known for its leather tanneries and fishing industry.  It smelled bad.

But this is where Jesus went to find his first disciples.  Among the ordinary folk.  Not the religious leaders, not the upper crust of Jewish society, but the regular working class.

And there he met Peter and Andrew and James and John plying their trade on the Sea of Galliee.

  1. They were unlikely candidates for disciples.
a.        Peter, outspoken, impulsive.  Andrew, his shy brother, not a public kind of guy.  John, a teen and his older brother James.  A couple of rowdy brawlers, nicknamed, "sons of thunder"
What a crew!

  1. What kind of call does Jesus issue?    "Follow Me!"

  1. The first step in following Christ is to Trust him for Salvation.
  1. You can't follow someone you don't trust.  Following means that you are letting them lead you into a new area.  When you trust Jesus he will lead you into a new life. 
In 2 Corinthians Paul said: (2 Cor 5:17 KJV)  Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

  1. We need to become new.  We have ruined the life God has  given us.  We have sinned and ruined ourselves.  This is easily observed.  If you are honest with yourself, you know it to be true.   The Bible says " All have sinned and come short of the glory of God".  We have not measured up to what God intended for us. 
  1. We are sinners who need a new birth.  Isa 53:6  " We are all as an unclean thing, all our righteousness is a filthy rags."   
Jesus said " Ye must be Born Again!"

D.        Peter James and John followed Jesus.  They trusted him and trusted in him.   John 3;16 says (quote it)  Believing in Jesus is "trusting him."   Trusting that he is God's son and that he will carry out his promises.  Trusting Jesus means that you are not counting on your own efforts to get you to heaven but relying on Jesus.

  1. What results from answering the call?

  1. When you trust Jesus you r name is written in the Lamb's book of life.  You have eternal life.  This means that you never have to worry about death.
  1. But it also means that you have a NEW life NOW.  Look what Jesus said to Andrew and Peter,  "I will make you, fishers of men."
  1. "I WILL MAKE YOU"  Notice that this wasn't  something that  they had to do to themselves.  When you follow Jesus he equips you to his service.  He makes of you something special.  He puts you into God's grand plan for creation.
         Jesus called this "Abundant Life."  The result of following Jesus is that you become fulfilled in who you were created to be.
        Let me ask you a question?  Do you want to be exactly what god created you to be?  Then let Jesus make something of you!
2.        For Peter James, John, Andrew it was fishers of men.  For you it will be something else.  Everybody isn't an apostle, preacher, missionary.  But whatever God created you to be you can become when you FOLLOW JESUS. 

IV        How do you answer His call?  Vs 21 - 22
  1. You just drop your nets and follow! 
Listen folks!   There is not a ritual you must repeat to follow Jesus.  There is not some ceremony, custom or habit you must attend to.  All you have to do is turn loose of what is holding you back and step out in faith and follow him. 
What is holding you back today?

A bad habit!  Just admit to God your habit and follow Jesus!  Let him take control of your habit.

Another person!  Just turn to Jesus and follow him and God will take care of the other person.

Some sin you think is too terrible to forgive.  Listen to me!  NO Sin is to big, or too terrible that Jesus can't take care of it!

Maybe it is a lifestyle.  There is no lifestyle that is worth dying and going to hell for.

Perhaps it is your business.  You say that you just can't make a decent living and follow Jesus too.

Just drop those nets and follow.
When the fisherman dropped their nets they were saying I am trusting Jesus to take care of me.   You see they had dropped their livelihood.  They had laid aside their means of support to put Jesus first.    Now we know that God still allowed them to fish.  God doesn't rain Manna from heaven for every one who turns to follow Jesus.  You still must work.  BUT, He makes it so you have the time to work AND FOLLOW JESUS.  Following Jesus becomes WHAT YOU DO, work becomes how you support WHAT YOU DO.


Jesus is passing by today.  He is calling you to follow him.   What is your answer going to be.

Are you going to fish?  Or follow Jesus?        

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