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A sermon template is a useful tool to easily format your sermons without have to continually pay attention to the details of formatting.  One of the killers of sermon preparation is being distracted from your creative writing by having to deal with format issues.  It is always better to write fast, write a lot and don't worry about formating or editing while engaged in the creative part of  writing.   Then after you have finished with the creative part, then focus your attention on editing, spelling and formating.

The sermon template I have for you on this page will allow you to simply type your ideas and not worry about page appearance.  The text will automatically flow from page to page resulting in a sermon 'booklet' that is printed on one 8.5 x 11 page, front and back, making 4 separate pages of notes. 

With this format, you only take one folded page to the pulpit.  No worrying about pages getting out of order, or maybe losing a page.  There is no distracting, shuffling of pages.  It makes using sermon notes almost invisable to the congregation.

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