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Don't Make a $56,000 Dollar Mistake

When Charles ( not his real name) was called into the Gospel ministry he did what a lot of us did, he enrolled in a good Bible college.  He researched the colleges and found one that seemed to have everything he wanted in a college.  Was this a mistake?  Not exactly. 

He learned a lot.  He learned systematic theology.  He learned a little Greek, a little Hebrew.  He learned a little church history.  He had an overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament plus a lot of general education courses -- Math, English Lit, Sociology, Psychology, and several other electives too.  He took tennis and golf and also an art class.

But the one thing he did not learn -- the one thing he really needed to learn but didn't -- was how to preach.  Even though he took what was called Homiletics, he graduated unprepared to preach 2 or 3 good sermons each week. 

Did he waste $56,000 of tuition?  Not exactly.  But he was not prepared  to preach.  He was called to a small country church.  His people called him "Preacher."  The little old ladies called him their "Preacher Boy" but he knew in his heart he was not a good preacher.  Every week he struggled to come up with a sermon.  By Saturday afternoon he was sweating bullets worrying because his sermon was not emerging from his mind.  All his education did not serve him well sitting in his study at midnight Saturday night.

He discovered that there were sermons available on the internet.  He tried them; he preached them as his own,  but it didn't feel right.  They didn't seem to fit him or his congregation.  Then one day he came across the secret of powerful preaching.

For less than the cost of 30 minutes of Bible college he learned how to preach powerful sermons.  He practiced what he learned and became a powerful preacher who no longer burned the midnight oil struggling to come up with a sermon.  How did this happen?  READ HOW HE DID IT.

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