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Sermon seeds are ideas from which a sermon may spring.  A sermon seed may be a brief outline or just a purpose statement.  I hope these seeds germinate in your mind and bring forth fruit for your ministries.  If you want to learn more about writing and preaching sermons you should check out the Preaching with Power course, click this link.

Psalm 37:

1.        Trust in the Lord
2.        Delight in Him
3.        Commit to Him

Matt 7:7-8  Prayer with Purpose

1. Privilege of Prayer is to come boldly to throne of grace
2. Promise of prayer is to be answered
3. Practice of prayer is persistance (ask, seek, knock)

John 3:16

1        Who?  GOD
2.        What? Love
3.        Where? The world
4.        Why? Should not perish
5.        When?        Now!!

Unprepared Luke 12:16-20

1 Prepared physically, not spiritually
2 Prepared Financially not eternally
3 Prepared for time, not for eternity

Hell  Luke 16 19-26

1         Reality of Hell
2        Regrets of Hell
3        Raviges of Hell

The Ressurection Confronts Men

1 The resurrection confronts the intellect
        a        unrefutable proofs of resurrection

2 The resurrection confronts our sin
        a        Jesus died to pay the penalty of sin
                Rose again to prove his God hood

3 The resurrection confronts our hearts
        a        Facts alone do not save but our heart can be                 changed when we let Jesus in.

Acts 10: 1-47   A Seeking Centurian

A Pious Sinner
A Prepared Witness
A Powerful Proclamation
3 calls for Evangelism

The call from Above - Matt 28:19-20
The call from Below - Lazarus and Rich Man        
The call from the Lost - Macedonian call
Good sermon outlines are hard to find. 

The Preaching With Power course will teach you the secrets of unleashing your creative mind so you can make your own powerful outlines.

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Preach The Word! II TIM 4:2. I Cor 1:18

I.  The Priority of Preaching
II.  The Power of Preaching
III.  The Purpose of Preaching
Revelation 2: 1-7

The Praise
The Problem
The Priority
The Promise
Revelation 2: 1-7

Jesus Knows our Work
Jesus Knows our Problem
Jesus Knows our Heart
Life's Storms (peter walks on water)

1.  The Reason For Storms
        Sometimes God sends us into storms to test us,   strengthen us, purge us

2.  The Reaction to Storms

3.  The Response from Storms
        Response of Faith
        Response of obedience
How to Walk On Water

1.  Go Out On the Lake
can't walk on water in front of the TV

2.  Get Out of the Boat
Cant walk on water in the boat

3   Keep your Eyes on Jesus
Cant walk on water on your own strength
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